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Data: The Missing Piece of Your Puzzle

To Scaling SaaS Companies Everywhere,

Does this feel familiar?

You’ve hired the best team.

You’ve bought the best tools.

But growth doesn’t accelerate like the sum of your parts should. Why?

None of it matters if your teams & tools don’t talk to each other.

You need to be as serious with your data strategy as you are with who & hire you hire your team, and how you procure & setup your tooling.

Teams own tools. Tools own data. Unless you are deliberate about your data strategy, this dynamic will build data silos & misalignment across your company.

  • Reporting & Attribution

  • Personalization & Lead Qualification

  • Account-Based Marketing

  • Compliance (including GDPR)

  • Team alignment & visibility

All of this falls apart when your data falls apart. You need a data strategy.

With experience working with the fastest growing SaaS teams, Behind The Growth can work transplant their proven data operations processes & strategy into your teams & tools today. Here’s what those projects might look like.

Data Strategy & Architecture

From £5,000 / $7,000

Availability from April 2019

The start of any data project is a deep-dive to answer these questions - the foundations on which to build projects & campaigns to accelerate growth

  1. What are your business objectives?

  2. What data do you need?

  3. How should your data flows be designed? And what tools do you (still) need?


Identify your ideal customer profile through reviewing your sales data, interviewing your customers, and shadowing your sales process - to create a golden customer record to be replicated across all your team’s tools.

Drawing out your customer journey map to identify how people move through the buying process, the variations within the process - to identify a clear tracking plan, analytics strategy & attribution model.

Evaluating your existing stack to identify gaps and duplicate capabilities, then to create a data integration strategy - to unify & sync your system of tools, teams & data together.

Deliver an on-site workshop with your leaders from all your sales, marketing, support, success, product & engineering functions - to align around a common customer data data strategy.


Sales Acceleration

From £5,000 / $7,000 - Requires DATA Strategy & ARCHITECTURE PROJECT

Availability from May 2019

Your sales team needs to know who to talk to, what to say & when to reach out. All the clues for this lie in your data.

Project Outline

The start of this process is to understand how you sell, particularly amongst your top performers - sales reps, automated workflows & winning messaging.

Next, to dig into customer interviews & analytics to understand how your customers become successful, and the steps they need to take - buying research, onboarding process, and more.

Build on your data strategy & architecture project, now we can “join-the-dots” to create sales trigger, segments & templates to empower your sales team.

Deliver an on-site workshop to train your sales operations & enablement teams to maximize your reps productivity using your new data strategy.



From £5,000 / $7,000 - Requires DATA Strategy & ARCHITECTURE PROJECT

Availability from May 2019

Account-based marketing is the heart of how the fastest B2B teams build predictable revenue.

The best teams don’t just buy cold prospect lists and spam them. They think of ABM on three axis:

  • Fit — does the account match your ideal customer profile?

  • Intent — is the account in the market to buy?

  • Engagement — has the account engaged with your brand or product

With Behind The Growth, we’ll map your accounts and how you can engage & advance them through the buying journey.


Building on your data architecture, we’ll profile how accounts buy software in your category (yours & competitors) software - assembling your data sourcing strategy

Based on your sales & marketing campaign strategy, we’ll identify the best sources of lead generation & prospecting - to build the org chart within target accounts

Combining all the data sources, we’ll work to profile accounts intent & engagement as they move through the buying journey - to sync this across all your team’s tools

Maximize engagement with contacts within target accounts with the right messaging across multiple channels - to accelerate each account’s progress through the buying journey.

Deliver an on-site workshop to train your demand gen and marketing operations teams to maximize their campaign effectiveness using your new data strategy.


Data Discovery DAY

£500 / $700 - AND Credit towards ANY future Project

Availability from April 2019

Think BIG. Start small.

All projects start with a kick-off day where we’ll lay the groundwork for the Data Strategy & Architecture Project. By the end of the day, you’ll have a clear idea how a data strategy may (or may not!) be able to help your teams grow faster and what work might be involved.

This will involve

  • Completing a questionnaire to outline the common data structures

  • Short call to dive into the specific details of your stack

  • Reviewing immediate small tests & experiments ideas

  • Outlining the scope of projects moving forward

All the cost here will be credited towards future projects together


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Consulting Packages

From £5,000

From £5,000. Requires Data Architecture Project

Account-Based Orchestration
From £5,000. Requires Data Architecture Project

Data Discovery Day
£500 — Credit Applied to future projects

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